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Half man half samsung



half man half samsung

i watched an interesting video presentation last night. it was about a flexible screen that samsung is developing. the technology itself is very fascinating, but what really caught my attention was a commercial-type video that samsung displayed that presented a social situation in which a guy attracts a woman with his flexible screen.
it goes a little bit like this:

setting’s at a coffee shop.. there’s two guys and a girl sitting at a table. then one of the guys is about to leave the table and as he gathers his things, he very conspicuously folds his phone in two (the samsung phone/tablet/wallet/identity patch) in front of the girl so as to regale her with his gadget. the girl responds to it, and in a very cheap, vapid and banal sequence, she gives the guy her phone number.
better yet, and even more trite, this whole surreal act leads the second guy at the table to become jealous to the point of making a fool of himself.

now, something very interesting happens here.. the commercial goes so far as to display the second guy as an insecure dipstick… which i find paradoxical and ironic.
i’ll get to that in a minute.

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